There are two systems for plastic

 Returnable Bottle System in Germany 

A returnable bottle system exists in Germany as well. There are two systems for plastic bottles – either you return them, or you can crush and discard them. Moreover, any bottle that contained non-fizzy liquids is not acceptable. There is an exception like a water bottle (returnable, whether fizzy or no fizz). Wine bottles are non-returnable, whereas beer bottles are returnable.

You would find some people digging trash cans to find returnable bottles. After all, a hundred returnable bottles will fetch you about 15 EUR. The concept of returnable bottles has become popular in many countries. More and more brands are trying to incorporate this idea, and there is a noble thought behind it.

Concluding Thoughts 

If the idea is to promote zero waste, then returnable bottles are great. But if you are thinking of saving money and making more of it, you have to sit down and make a budget of how much you will save by getting the bottles back. Consider all the pointers before making a decision. If we look at it from a different perspective, returnable bottles will reduce labor costs, and there will be fewer injuries in the factories. Moreover, when a product is made in a factory, the waste goes to the natural water bodies. So, it is indeed a good idea 


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